Former DSJs

Former District & Sessions Judges of District Haripur

1Jehanzeb ShinwariDistrict & Sessions Judge18-05-202130-05-2023O you, who believe, stand firm for justice even against your own selves (An-Nisa 4:135).

There can be no peace without justice.

There can be no justice without truth.

There can be no truth unless someone
rises up to tell the truth even against
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2Muhammad AsifDistrict & Sessions Judge02-03-201918-05-2021
3Salah-Ud-DinDistrict & Sessions Judge16-01-201701-03-2019
4Muhammad Masood KhanDistrict & Sessions Judge14-11-201610-01-2017
5M. Farhatullah KhanDistrict & Sessions Judge08-04-201526-10-2016
6Muhammad Azim Khan AfridiDistrict & Sessions Judge12-02-201409-01-2015
7Tariq YousafzaiDistrict & Sessions Judge13-07-201312-02-2014
8Aymon ZiaDistrict & Sessions Judge29-02-201206-07-2013
9Shaiber KhanDistrict & Sessions Judge01-09-200921-02-2012
10Sharif AhmedDistrict & Sessions Judge09-02-200931-08-2009
11Azhar-Ul-Habib KhanDistrict & Sessions Judge03-04-200830-01-2009
12Syed Rafique Hussain ShahDistrict & Sessions Judge28-12-200731-03-2008
13Muhammad Ibrahim KhanDistrict & Sessions Judge13-10-200628-02-2007
14Jehangir KhanDistrict & Sessions Judge13-04-200612-10-2006
15Syed Afsar Shah (Piran Khel)District & Sessions Judge16-07-200507-04-2006
16Sahibzada Khurshid AhmedDistrict & Sessions Judge08-01-200415-07-2005
17M. Siddique Khan KhattakDistrict & Sessions Judge16-01-200302-01-2004
18M. Riaz Khan KhattakDistrict & Sessions Judge20-12-200215-01-2003
19Syed Afsar Shah (Piran Khel)District & Sessions Judge10-07-200213-12-2002
20Alam Zaib KhanDistrict & Sessions Judge19-07-199908-07-2002
21M. Ayaz KhanDistrict & Sessions Judge03-01-199815-07-1999
22Ataullah KhanDistrict & Sessions Judge22-09-199606-12-1997
23Malik Mujtaba AhmedDistrict & Sessions Judge17-03-199619-09-1996
24Malik Ghulam Mohy-Ud-DinDistrict & Sessions Judge12-07-199408-03-1996
25Fazal-Ur-Rehman KhanDistrict & Sessions Judge05-05-199305-07-1994
26Said Maroof KhanDistrict & Sessions Judge08-05-199204-05-1993